GTA 5 - Stunt Montage - "A Stunters Path"

After hours and hours of stunting and editing, the long awaited stunt montage is finally finished. To celebrate 200,000 Subscribers I'd like to present; "A Stunters Path", a project I've worked on for weeks.

"A Stunters Path" is a stunt montage where you follow the path of the stunter, as he progressively makes his way through the city of Los Santos. The police constantly tries to take him down but there's no way to block his path.

I hope everyone will enjoy this video as much as I did making it!
And I'd also like to thank everyone for your continued support and for together reaching 200,000 Subscribers.
I absolutely love making videos for you all, and I'm never going to stop. So make sure you stay tuned and let's make 2015 an amazing year!

Music credits:
Title: Bring Me Back To Life
Artist: Extreme Music
Composers: HT Bristol & Charlie Bannister & Vincent Steele & NineOneOne.

All sound effects in this video was added in post. Library used:

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: GTA V 17-02-2015, 17:00

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